At Andreu Alimentació, we work to offer the highest quality shopping experience and customer service.We take care of all aspects of our work in order to provide maximum value to our customers.


Beyond providing agile and reliable day-to-day management, we like to work side-by-side with clients to adapt to their most specific needs. We review their case, their demands, and their specific needs to be able to provide optimal products and solutions tailored to their needs.


Our demand for quality and efficiency drives us to constantly look for ways to improve and exceed customer expectations. This entails a firm commitment to Research and Development at our company as a tool to overcome market challenges.


We create our own recipes and products, and we do so using local ingredients from local producers. You can’t find the experience of enjoying our pizzas and products anywhere else. If you want to create an exclusive variety of your very own, we’ll be happy to make it for you.


We combine a taste for good food with a passion for traditional flavors. This is evident in every one of our products. Traditional elaboration using ingredients from local producers results in a range of proposals with an authentic and distinctive touch.


Our expertise allows us to focus our efforts and resources on creating products that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. Every product we develop is the result of our deep understanding of the market and our dedication to delivering the best possible result.


At Andreu Alimentació we believe that being dedicated to sustainability means making a profound commitment to our planet and future generations. Along these lines, we work to minimize environmental impacts and we promote responsible business practices in everything we do.